Teeth Whitening

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Fort Atkinson, WI
Teeth Whitening

If you’ve always dreamed of brighter, whiter teeth, or you’ve been looking for a more reliable professional-strength brand of teeth whitening, Dr. Garrison and her team can provide you the smile you crave.

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Fort Atkinson, WI Teeth Whitening

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Better Than Any Drugstore Teeth Whitening

While it may be convenient purchasing a bleaching gel or whitening trays or strips from the shelf at the supermarket or drugstore, Dr. Garrison can tell you that while many drugstore whitening brands in fact whiten your teeth, they can’t compete with the results of professional whitening. Not only can whitening at Highland Dental have much more dramatic and efficient results, but our professional teeth whitening system also contains PF (potassium nitrate and fluoride) to reduce tooth sensitivity and protect the natural structure of your tooth enamel. Whitening with an at Highland Dental means better whitening, longer-lasting results, and less tooth sensitivity. Ask about teeth whitening the next time you’re in our office, or call to request an appointment.

Can I Use My Old Bleaching Trays?

Patients who have previously had custom bleaching trays fabricated may also continue to purchase separate syringes of bleach for at-home use.

This method of bleaching was more common in the past and is still a very effective manner for whitening teeth.

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Opalescence GO Pre-Filled Trays

This easy four-step system will provide a brilliant white smile in just 5-10 days of at-home treatments using the system provided by Dr. Garrison, Dr. Kempema, and the Highland Dental team.

Four Steps To A Whiter Smile

Remove the Opalescence GO trays from the package and place them into your mouth one arch at a time. Each time you place an arch, suck down or swallow to secure the pre-filled tray. Once each tray is secured into the mouth, remove the colored outer tray, and swallow again.

Opalescence GO features a 6% hydrogen peroxide solution and should be worn once a day for 60-90 minutes.

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