Teeth Whitening

Our smiles are one of the first things people see and one of the main things they will remember about us, whether it’s through a first impression at a job interview or if they’ve known us for many years. Your smile is a treasure, and while you take care of it the best you can, you can’t always protect it from staining or yellowing or becoming dull over time. From drinking one too many dark-colored coffees to letting the effects of aging take its toll, we might not feel like ourselves if our smiles can’t reflect our radiant personalities or confidence. If you’ve been considering teeth whitening to bring out the natural beauty of your smile, give us a call at 920-563-9373 to schedule your appointment! 

Opalescence GO Pre-Filled Trays From Ultradent

Did you know you could whiten your teeth at home with professional teeth whitening from the dentist? At Highland Dental we believe in making your cosmetic dental goals as simple for you as possible. With our professional grade Opalescence Go pre-filled trays, your white and healthy smile is achieved quickly and effectively using 10 sets of whitening trays. Although each set is to be worn at 30 to 60 minute intervals, patients often report seeing radiant results in their smiles even before using all 10 trays, saving the remaining trays for touch-ups in the following months. 

Patients who have previously had custom bleaching trays fabricated may also continue to purchase separate syringes of bleach for at-home use.


This method of bleaching was more common in the past and is still a very effective manner for whitening teeth.

Better Than Any Drugstore Teeth Whitening

While you may think it’s convenient purchasing a bleaching gel or whitening trays or strips from the shelf at the drugstore, your dentist can tell you that many drugstore whitening brands will not compete with the results of professional whitening. Not only can whitening at the dentist have more dramatic and efficient results, but many professional teeth whitening systems also contain PF (potassium nitrate and fluoride) to reduce tooth sensitivity and protect the natural structure of your tooth enamel. Whitening with a dentist’s care can mean better whitening, longer-lasting results, and less tooth sensitivity. At Highland Dental we make whitening your teeth convenient for you! 

Questions About Teeth Whitening?

Before any treatment begins, we let our patients know what to expect and answer their specific questions. During your treatment for professional teeth whitening, our whitening process uses carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide to safely permeate the yellowed or stained enamel and dentin of the tooth and revitalize the teeth by breaking down colored molecules that cause tooth discoloration. As whitening occurs, your teeth, fillings, or dental bonding materials are not harmed. Opalescence teeth whitening gel also contains PF (potassium nitrate and fluoride) to reduce or prevent tooth sensitivity during treatment. 

Custom Teeth Whitening at Highland Dental 

If you have whitened your teeth before with custom bleaching trays you’ll love to hear that Opalescence Go bleaching syringes can be used with your trays for easy at-home use. But whether it’s your first time acting on your craving for whiter teeth, or you’ve been looking for a more reliable professional-strength brand of teeth whitening, Dr. Garrison and her team recommend the ease and efficiency of teeth whitening at Highland Dental. If it’s time to shine up your beautiful pearly whites, give us a call at 920-563-9373! Our services in cosmetic dentistry can help you light up the room with your refreshed confidence in a beautiful smile.