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Dental Sedation

Dr. Garrison and the Highland Dental Health team offer oral conscious sedation for fearful or anxious patients, or for patients that are undergoing cosmetic or restorative treatments.

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Fort Atkinson, WI Dental Sedation

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When Should I Consider Using Sedation Dentistry?

Patients can confuse sedation with pain relief. Here at Highland Dental, Our patients don’t feel a thing during any procedures due to our anesthetics. Dr. Garrison offers oral conscious sedation, not for pain, but to help patients deal with strong feelings of fear and anxiety that arise when they visit the dentist. After receiving sedation and completing their treatments, patients often experience a change in the entire way they view dental appointments going forward.

  • Calm dental anxiety, dental phobia or a fear of the dentist
  • Reduce tooth sensitivity or a sensitive gag reflex
  • Oral sedation can be used for patients with a fear of needles
  • Recommended for lengthy or complex dental procedures
  • Effective for patients who cannot get numb with regular anesthetic

Oral Conscious Sedation

At your consultation, Dr. Garrison will carefully review your medical history before determining if you are a good candidate for needle-free sedation dentistry with oral conscious sedation. She will also walk you through everything you need to know about the process to feel confident and in control, even before any treatment begins. Oral conscious sedation refers to the use of a small pill that is easily ingested, so you can begin to feel relaxed even before your appointment begins. During the process, you remain awake enough to respond to your dentist, yet you may feel sleepy.

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Relax During Treatments At The Dentist

Your best experience at the dentist is one that doesn’t feel like a six-month appointment. At Highland Dental, we believe our patients should feel so relaxed with us that they hardly notice they are getting dental treatment. To ensure your best level of comfort and reduce dental anxiety, we offer patient comforts to help patients relax and enjoy their visit.

  • We listen carefully to your needs, answer questions and guide you every step of the way
  • Our patients get to know our close-knit team and build strong bonds over time
  • Patients are given the information and options to choose their ideal treatment plan
  • Every patient can receive a comforting blanket and relaxing music with headphones
  • Calming sedation dentistry is available to help patients achieve a deeper level of relaxation

Help For Those With Dental Phobias or Anxiety

It’s not uncommon to experience some level of anxiety when going to the dentist. Do I have a cavity? Did I floss enough? Even though most treatments at the dentist aren’t painful, for some making the trip to see the dentist can be intimidating or become debilitating.

Dental anxiety, or having a fear of the dentist, is a real issue that keeps millions of patients out of the dental chair even when they need dental care the most. If you have a hard time going to the dentist, our team at Highland Dental understands. As your local family dentist, our goal is to help you achieve your best level of oral health in a warm and friendly environment, using only the gentlest methods of dental care.

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