At Highland Dental, Dr. Garrison understands the positive impact that preventive dentistry can have on a patient’s sense of comfort and trust at the dentist. By providing services in preventive dentistry, it is her goal to celebrate more cavity-free visits with gentle dentistry in Fort Atkinson.

Dental X-rays and Radiographs

Dental Radiographs, commonly called X-rays, are used by dentists to discover hidden dental issues early-on. Patients benefit when small dental problems are resolved early-on, before they become more complex or difficult to treat. 

The Difference Is DIGITAL

All radiographs are taken digitally at Highland Dental. Using digital radiography means that less radiation is necessary, so patients have significantly less exposure to radiation than ever before. Periodic radiographs are very important for proper dental care and treatment and are considered a standard procedure for their effectiveness in modern dental care.

Are Dental X-rays Safe?

Thanks to advances in modern dentistry, the radiation exposure of modern dental X-rays has been reduced to a minimal amount, so that a common dental exam consisting of 4 bitewing X-rays produces less exposure to radiation than an ordinary day of natural background radiation (similar to that of a short 1-2 hour airplane ride). At Highland Dental, we make every effort to encourage the best level of health in our patients using only the best services and technology. 

A Bitewing radiograph is what Dr. Garrison uses to diagnose decay in between adjacent teeth.

A Panoramic radiograph is what Dr. Garrison uses to detect and diagnose issues around the roots of teeth or pathology of the jaw and joint.

What Causes A Cavity?

Every day we eat, drink, and indulge in our favorite treats. When food and bacteria enter the mouth, they break down to release harmful acids that erode the enamel of the teeth. Over time, weakened tooth enamel can expose the inner layer of the tooth, known as the dentin. If left untreated, what starts as a small cavity can grow into a painful toothache, sensitive tooth, or inflamed root canal. The best way to check for cavities or treat them while they’re small is to visit the dentist regularly and remember to brush and floss with a fluoridated toothpaste.

Can I SEE A Cavity?
Can I SEE A Cavity?

Tooth decay and cavities are difficult to detect even if they cause symptoms such as a pain in your mouth or tooth sensitivity. In some cases, tooth decay and cavities start from the inside of the tooth, where X-rays are the only way to form a proper diagnosis. In similar cases, a cavity that occurs on the surface of the tooth between two adjacent teeth can’t be seen without technological help. The best way to find and treat a cavity early-on is with preventive dentistry such as dental X-rays.

Digital Radiography At Highland Dental

With a background in certain wisdom tooth extractions and assessing patients for Invisalign, Dr. Garrison uses dental technology to review each patient’s orthodontic health, including the health of the teeth, jaw, and temporomandibular joint (TMJ). Digital X-rays are highly versatile and help to identify and treat a wide range of dental issues. 

Your Family Dentist In Fort Atkinson

At Highland Dental, your health and comfort are our first priority. With the use of protective dental sealants, fluoride treatments and tooth-colored fillings we look forward to protecting smiles with gentle dentistry and a compassionate touch. Give us a call at (920) 563-9373 to schedule your family’s next visit to the dentist!