Partial Dentures

Partial dentures (also known as plates) are highly versatile for patients who want to improve their smile and quality life with comfortable and natural looking replacement teeth. Popularly made of a strong metal framework or flexible acrylic, partial dentures support the regular dental arch of the teeth and make it easy to eat and chew comfortably.

Do I Need A Partial Denture?

Your teeth are designed to work together to support a strong and functional smile. When one or more teeth are lost, your appearance may change but so does your dental health! After tooth loss, uneven pressure is placed on remaining teeth and even the form of your bite may change. As a result the facial muscles around your mouth may sag or may make you look older. If you have lost one or more teeth a partial denture is a simple but effective solution for a more confident smile and better quality of life.

Benefits of Partial Dentures

Made of a metal and acrylic composition or fully composed of strong flexible acrylic, the benefits of partial dentures can significantly improve the health and comfort of patients with missing teeth:


  • removable and simple to clean

  • limits movement of surrounding teeth

  • improved appearance and self confidence

  • reduces risks of TMJ disorder or TMD

  • supports the alignment of existing teeth

  • better biting, chewing and eating abilities

Your Appointment With Us

Depending on your specific needs, a removable partial denture may be the ideal option for your smile and health. At your first appointment Dr. Garrison, we will lead you through a comprehensive dental exam. If you decide that a partial denture is right for you the process can begin with an impression of your teeth. This mold will serve as the base of the model of your new partial denture where you can help decide on the color, shape and size of the denture that best suits you.



Partial Dentures


In some cases a removable partial denture can be attached into place with a metal framework and clasps that connect to the natural teeth. Other connectors such as precision attachments may also be colormatched to look more aesthetically pleasing. After your partial denture is checked and adjusted for proper placement it can be worn immediately but may take some time getting used to. With help from Dr. Garrison and lead dental assistant Jentri small adjustments to your dentures can greatly improve your dental health and wellness.

The Perfect Fit With Highland Dental Health

Having a smile that looks and feels healthy is important to our entire team. At Highland Dental Health we work with our patients to help restore and protect their teeth for their optimal health and comfort. Whether our team is relining a denture to fit more comfortably or completing a smile makeover with a natural looking partial denture, we’re happy to be the team our patients rely on for a more confident and functional smile.