One Visit Dental Crowns

It’s not uncommon for patients at a family dentist to have to come in again and again even for the more simple restorative treatments. While millions of Americans every year encounter problems with tooth loss or tooth decay and struggle to find local dental care that works for their specific lifestyle needs. At Highland Dental Health our CEREC CAD/CAM dental crown and dental veneer technology comes complete with 4D imaging software and an in-house milling unit to deliver highly personalized and custom dental crowns in one same-day appointment.

Porcelain Dental Crowns in 2 Hours or Less

Dr. Garrison and the Highland Dental Health staff are pleased to offer revolutionary dental crown treatments using state of the art CEREC technology. Ceramic Reconstruction (CEREC) creates strong, long-lasting porcelain crowns that are colormatched, milled and ready for placement in-office before you ever leave your first appointment. Your new dental crown is made with enhanced technology and efficiency for higher quality results in-office.

CEREC milling unit
Do I Need a Dental Crown?


Dental crowns are one of the most common restorations in cosmetic dentistry services. After decay, age or a dental accident have affected the healthy structure of a tooth a dental crown can extend the life of a tooth in a number of ways:


  • seal a large portion of the tooth after a root canal

  • cover permanent staining or discoloration

  • protect a weakened tooth after damage, decay or an accident

  • repair a broken, fractured, chipped or damaged tooth

  • replace a missing tooth with a dental implant

  • improve the appearance of a misshapen or irregular tooth

Dental Crowns With Dr. Garrison

At your appointment Dr. Garrison carefully examines your teeth to determine if you may need a dental crown or “cap.” Once the process begins anesthetic can be applied if necessary to numb the affected area while the tooth is prepared for placement of the dental crown. Dr. Garrison and a dental assistant will take pictures of your teeth to thoroughly examine your current dental condition and structure of the affected tooth or teeth. 



From these comprehensive images, CAD/CAM software builds a detailed model of the new tooth or teeth. This design is carefully milled from a block of strong, durable porcelain that looks and feels much like the composition of a healthy adult tooth. After the replacement tooth is fitted and small adjustments are made, the crown is placed in an oven to finish the crystallization process of the porcelain material and then bond the restoration to the tooth. After final adjustments are made the entire process may take less than 2 hours and result in a strong, natural looking smile in just one visit.

Making Your Dental Crown Appointment


Welcome to Highland Dental! Our Fort Atkinson community wouldn’t be complete without our local dentist Dr. Brenda Garrison and her family-friendly practice! With our new and innovative approach to modern dentistry, Dr. Garrison and her team get to know each of her patient's unique concerns to form treatment plans that are painless, comfortable and styled to suit their specific needs. Whether you have a cavity, need an in-office dental implant or are curious about your dental health, we use the best materials and methods in our treatments so you can feel comfortable about your treatments and relaxed to be in the care of a compassionate dentist and staff. Patients seek dental crowns for many reasons. Whether you’re looking to cover a few permanently stained teeth or recently chipped a tooth and need a natural looking solution our team is here to help the restorative process feel gentle and painless and offer revolutionary results! As a patient focused practice serving the communities all through Jefferson County, we’re honored to be the dentist you choose when you need professional care for yourself and your entire family. To make your first appointment or schedule a visit, give us a call at 920-563-9373!