General Dentistry from The Best Fort Atkinson Dentist

While sweet treats and mocha latte’s are favorites among friends and family, six month cleanings at the dentist have a large impact on preventing or treating small dental issues before they have a chance to develop. With professional experience in comprehensive dental care and using only the finest dental technology, Dr. Garrison and her team guide patients through understanding their oral health condition and creating the best treatment plans for their needs. If you have a question about your oral health or haven’t been to the dentist in awhile, give us a call and get to know our team! We look forward to helping you achieve your ideal level of oral health with us. 

Our Comprehensive Services

We practice the height of modern dental care and technology so our patients can receive treatments that are gentle, painless and more effective, so you’ll have fewer appointments needed per treatment and better dental health results that last.

Hygiene: Is it time for your six month cleaning? Has it perhaps been even longer since your teeth were cleaned? Our hygienists work with Dr. Garrison to deliver that deep level of clean your teeth need every six months to protect your oral health and reduce or prevent risks of gum disease.

General Dentistry

Cavity Fillings: If your tooth has been weakened by damage, decay or even aging, our dental fillings offer strong protection for the structure of your tooth or teeth and can be color-matched to blend in with the look of your natural smile. Don’t like the look of existing silver (amalgam) fillings? We can help replace those for you, too!


Orthodontics: When your teeth shift or move out of alignment you may need orthodontic care to help realign your bite, prevent jaw pain and dental conditions such as TMJ pain or TMD, and restore your teeth to a more comfortable and esthetic smile.

Cleanings: Caring for the dental health of our community is a collaborative effort at Highland Dental Health. Our team loves to see the healthy results when our patients practice a healthy dental hygiene routine at home, brushing and flossing regularly. 

Radiographs: All Radiographs (aka X-rays) are taken digitally at Highland Dental. Using digital radiography means that less radiation is necessary, so patients have less exposure. 

Your Fort Atkinson Family Dentist

No matter if it’s time for your six month cleaning or it’s been awhile since your last visit to the dentist Dr. Brenda Garrison considers it a privilege to help her patients in the local Fort Atkinson community reach their best level of dental health in an atmosphere that is calm and peaceful. When you come in for care at Highland Dental we listen to your individual needs to design personalized treatment plans that are gentle, comfortable and have your health and wellness in mind. Call us at 920-563-9373 to schedule your appointment.