Tooth Extraction in Fort Atkinson

Tooth extraction is the method of removing a tooth from the mouth for multiple health related reasons. At Highland Dental in Fort Atkinson, Dr. Garrison and her team will only recommend tooth extraction if absolutely necessary. In cases where a root canal or dental crown cannot save a damaged or decayed tooth, or when too many teeth in the mouth create a crowded smile, tooth extraction may be needed to support a better quality of oral health. If you or a loved one have experienced a change in your dental health, give us a call at (920) 563-9373 to schedule your appointment.

Do I Need Tooth Extraction?

Patients seek tooth extraction for numerous reasons. Restorative dentistry with tooth extraction may be recommended if you have one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Loose baby teeth

  • Crowded smile or poorly positioned wisdom teeth

  • To remove a broken tooth or a tooth with significant tooth decay or damage

  • To reduce risks of infection or protect a compromised immune system

What Are The Benefits of Tooth Extraction?

Teeth are meant to work together in the mouth to support everything from your proper face shape and appearance, to carefree eating, speaking and smiling. In some cases, however, a tooth extraction is necessary to remove or prevent oral health risks and support the dental health of the rest of the mouth. Tooth extraction can reduce pain from a nagging toothache, prevent further tooth decay or infection, preserve a good bite alignment, and support better oral health overall. If Dr. Garrison recommends an extraction, she will determine with you whether the tooth should be replaced and what dental treatment option (such as a dental bridge, implant or denture) is right for you.


Crowded Smiles And Wisdom Teeth

Tooth extraction may be used to prevent bite misalignment and TMJ Pain or TMD when the jaw is too small to support many teeth, or when incoming wisdom teeth put stress on the natural bite alignment. If left untreated, previous orthodontic care such as Invisalign may be undone as adjacent teeth are forced to shift or move. This may result in headaches, neckaches and a misaligned smile over time. By removing a disruptive tooth or wisdom tooth, Dr. Garrison is able to reduce the pressure placed on adjacent teeth to benefit the smile.

Our Tooth Extraction Process

At Highland Dental, your health and comfort are our top priority. After carefully reviewing your current dental health and medical history to determine that tooth extraction is right for you, Dr. Garrison begins the treatment by applying a local anesthetic. Depending on your anxiety, additional measures or medications may make you feel more at ease prior to the extraction. Once you feel calm and relaxed, Dr. Garrison uses specialized forceps to grasp the tooth and gently move the tooth back and forth for safe removal. If the tooth is impacted under the surface of the gums (such as an incoming wisdom tooth) and must be removed in pieces, dental surgery may be required to carefully remove the tooth. After tooth removal the area can be sealed using a couple dissolvable stitches.


After Tooth Extraction

Using simple at-home tips and instructions from Dr. Garrison, patients can heal quickly and comfortably after a tooth extraction. Patients are encouraged to avoid strenuous activity or smoking and shouldn’t spit forcefully or drink with a straw for at least 24hrs. To promote gentle healing, it is recommended to slowly introduce soft foods and gently rinse with warm salt water after meals and before bed. If any swelling is present, patients can apply an icepack to the outside of the cheek and use multiple pillows to keep their head propped up while they sleep. If you have any questions about tooth extraction before or after treatment, Dr. Garrison and her team welcome your questions and are eager to support you along the way.

Tooth Extraction At Highland Dental

At Highland Dental in Fort Atkinson, our patients deserve to feel confident in their oral health, smiles and individual treatment plans. If you or a loved one may need to have a tooth removed, our staff is dedicated to making the process easy to understand and comfortable for your specific needs. After a consultation about your dental health, Dr. Garrison may advise tooth extraction to carefully remove a tooth or replace a problematic tooth with a dental crown, implant, bridge or denture. To take the first steps towards better dental health, call (920) 563-9373 to schedule your appointment at your gentle dentist in Fort Atkinson.