Emergency Services

Dr. Garrison understands that when you’ve had an accident or experience sudden pain in your mouth, seeing the dentist for emergency care can make a large difference in saving your affected tooth and restoring your dental health. For care when you need it most call us at 920-563-9373 to schedule an appointment or come in for same-day care.

Do I have a Dental Emergency?


Whether you’ve cracked a tooth on a hard cookie or your dental crown comes loose at a company outing, dental emergencies can happen at anytime, anywhere. In these untimely situations the following steps have tips to take care of your teeth and health while you make a call to see your local dentist:

Knocked-out Adult Tooth: Use warm water to gently rinse your mouth and attempt to place the tooth back into place by holding the tooth by the crown. If this is not an option, place the tooth in a small container of whole milk to preserve it while you visit the dentist immediately.

Knocked-out Baby Tooth: If a baby tooth has come out prematurely, contact the dentist right away as you keep the tooth moist in cold whole milk. Our services in pediatric dentistry may be able to observe if the tooth has come out cleanly or if the tooth can be repositioned.

Cracked Tooth: Gently rinse your mouth with warm water and floss around the affected area to remove any trapped food particles that could infect the tooth. Call the dentist immediately to come in for emergency restorative care and try to avoid contact with any outside particles if possible.

Toothache: Carefully clean the area by rinsing with warm water and flossing gently to remove any trapped food particles. Applying a cold ice pack to the area can reduce swelling. Phone our office to schedule a consultation.

Coming in for Immediate Care


At Highland Dental Health we believe your experience at the dentist should be calm and positive no matter what brings you in through the door. When an accident or sudden change in your dental health causes you to seek professional care you should know that you are in safe and capable hands. We help our patients find the answers they need for their dental anxiety or concerns even before they come in for treatment by answering their questions over the phone and walking them through our relaxing sedation dentistry services.

The Best Fort Atkinson Dentist


Our Fort Atkinson community wouldn’t be complete without our local dentist Dr. Brenda Garrison and her family-friendly practice! With our new and innovative approach to modern dentistry, Dr. Garrison and her team get to know each of her patient's unique concerns to form treatment plans that are painless, comfortable and styled to suit their specific needs. Whether you have a cavity, need a solution to a dental emergency or are curious about your dental health, we use the best materials and methods in our treatments so you can feel comfortable about your treatments and relaxed to be in the care of a compassionate dentist and staff. As a patient focused practice serving the communities all through Jefferson County, we’re honored to be the Fort Atkinson dentist you choose when you need professional care for yourself and your entire family. To make your first appointment or schedule a visit, give us a call at 920-563-9373!