Dental Technology

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Fort Atkinson, WI
Dental Technology

Dr. Garrison, Dr. Kempema, and the Highland Dental team use the latest digital X-Ray technology, 3D imaging, and CAD/CAM One-Visit Crowns to provide the best care for our patients in the Jefferson County area.

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Fort Atkinson, WI
Dental Technology

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Diagnosing Health Concerns

Tooth decay and cavities are difficult to detect even if they cause symptoms such as a pain in your mouth or tooth sensitivity. In some cases, tooth decay and cavities start from the inside of the tooth, where X-rays are the only way to form a proper diagnosis. In similar cases, a cavity that occurs on the surface of the tooth between two adjacent teeth can’t be seen without technological help. The best way to find and treat a cavity early on is with preventive dentistry such as dental X-rays.

Dr. Garrison uses bitewing X-Rays to diagnose decay between adjacent teeth and she uses a panoramic X-Ray (shown in photo), look for issues around the roots of teeth or pathology of the jaw and joint.

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Are Digital and 3D
X-Rays Safe?

Thanks to advances in modern dentistry, the radiation exposure of modern dental X-rays has been reduced to a minimal amount, so that a common dental exam consisting of 4 bitewing X-rays produces less exposure to radiation than an ordinary day of natural background radiation (similar to that of a short 1-2 hour airplane ride). At Highland Dental, we make every effort to encourage the best level of health in our patients using only the best services and technology.

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Same-Day Restorations

At Highland Dental Health our CEREC® CAD/CAM dental crown and dental veneer technology comes complete with 4D imaging software and an in-house milling unit to deliver highly personalized and custom dental crowns in one same-day appointment. Ceramic Reconstruction (CEREC) creates strong, long-lasting porcelain crowns that are color matched, milled and ready for placement in-office before you ever leave your first appointment.

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