Dental Implants

It’s not uncommon for Americans over the age of 35 to have lost one or more adult teeth. When age, decay or a dental accident have caused tooth loss, the everyday functions of how we are able to bite, chew and speak are interrupted. Teeth that remain in the mouth can shift in place, become prone to gum disease, and bone loss in the jaw often develops quickly. With dental implants, patients can experience life-changing results with a smile that supports their overall health.

What is a Dental Implant?


During a dental implant procedure a local anesthetic is administered to numb the area for a painless treatment process. Sedation dentistry is also popularly used for patients who wish to be fully relaxed in a deep sedative state. Once patients feel calm and relaxed, a titanium implant is positioned into the jaw bone to fuse with the jaw, much like a healthy tooth root. A small abutment fixes the new crown into place.

Benefits of Dental Implants


These fixed prosthetic devices are expertly designed to help a range of patients restore their health and appearance with strong replacement teeth for a more natural looking smile.


  • Supports the alignment of existing teeth

  • Restores natural face shape after tooth loss

  • Looks and feels just like natural healthy teeth

  • Prevents or reduces bone loss in the jaw

  • Unlike dentures they are fixed into the mouth

  • Strong and built to last a lifetime

You May Forget They’re Not Natural Teeth!

Dental implants are custom designed to fit comfortably into the mouth and balance out the uneven pressure placed on teeth when one or more teeth are missing. After x-rays are taken, an an impression is made of teeth the resulting model is used to craft custom replacement teeth. These teeth are made from strong porcelain or composite resin to match the look and feel like natural teeth. After placement, dental implants can last a lifetime and don’t require a change in your regular dental hygiene routine--although we still recommend brushing and flossing twice daily!

Same Day Crowns With CEREC


Dr. Garrison and her team are deeply committed to finding the best treatment methods available in advanced dental technology. Our CEREC CAD/CAM technology raises the bar in modern dentistry by crafting uniquely designed dental crowns in just one appointment. Our patients save time when they need less appointments per treatment and can enjoy colormatched personalized crowns in-office in a fraction of the time of traditional visits.


Dental Implants with Dr. Garrison


Dental implants are highly versatile and can replace a single missing tooth with a crown or up to a full set of teeth with a dental bridge or implant-supported denture. If you are considering a dental implant, Dr. Garrison will partner with you to perform a comprehensive dental exam and thorough analysis of your dental health and ask about your medical history. She will take the time to get to know your dental concerns and help you understand all of your treatment options before any treatment begins. 


Our Fort Atkinson community wouldn’t be complete without our local dentist Dr. Brenda Garrison and her family-friendly practice! With our new and innovative approach to modern dentistry, Dr. Garrison and her team get to know each of her patient's unique concerns to form treatment plans that are painless, comfortable and styled to suit their specific needs. Whether you have a cavity, need an in-office dental implant or are curious about your dental health, we use the best materials and methods in our treatments so you can feel comfortable about your treatments and relaxed to be in the care of a compassionate dentist and staff. As a patient focused practice serving the communities all through Jefferson County, we’re honored to be the family dentist you choose when you need professional care for yourself and your entire family. To make your first appointment or schedule a visit, give us a call at 920-563-9373!